Ian Cox

Hi, I’m Ian! I like to make things. I’m very good at getting distracted.

Welcome to dyselon.com, my homepage! This site hosts my personal blog, as well as project logs for the stuff I build.

By day, I’m professional game designer. I’ve been doing that for more than 10 years, now. Whew. I’ve had the privilege of working at some amazing companies, such as Lab Zero, Bungie, and now ArenaNet. I’m currently leading the Tech Design team at ArenaNet, helping to keep the design and programming departments in sync with each other. Lately, my career’s been focused on bringing teams together and helping them learn and develop. It’s a ton of fun, and I’m very lucky to get to do that every day.

By night, I’m a relentless tinkerer. I’m usually elbow deep in some sort of project, whether it’s software, hardware, or woodworking. I pick up new hobbies at a sort of disturbing rate, so I rarely finish things, but I’m always learning something!

My Favorite Topics


In recent years, I’ve developed a particular love for hobby electronics. I’ve spent a lot of time focused on programmable hardware, so you’ll probably find me musing on homebrew computers, novice CPU design, and video/audio generation. You can also find me working on classic arcade boards, and a bit of DIY lab equipment.


I’m enjoying learning and improving my woodworking abilities. I’ve always been a bit mercenary in this pursuit, however. Unlike most of my other interests, which I often follow because of some intrinsic love, I usually want to get in the workshop to make something specific. Often I’m building enclosures for speakers or arcade fight sticks.


I’m the son of a recording studio audio technician, and my father taught me my way around both a studio and a soldering iron at a very young age. While I learned I’ll never have the talent of the engineers and musicians I grew up admiring, I still love listening to music. Lately, I’ve been making my own speakers, and I hope to extend into building my own amps and other audio gear as well.

Cooking & Gardening

Like most living things, I really enjoy eating. In turn, I like cooking the things I eat, and I like growing the things I cook. Starting from the base of French and Italian cuisine my father taught me, I’m always trying to learn new techniques and styles. I’ve been baking a lot of bread lately.

I enjoy gardening as well, and try to grow some of my own food every year, usually in containers. I’m manifestly terrible at it, but I usually get a few strawberries, cherry tomatoes, or snap peas every year.