Here’s the list of blog posts!

Salvaging Social Media

I’m going to be honest for a minute, here. My Twitter timeline is a dumpster fire right now. I’ve been on Twitter for almost a decade now, and there’s a great many things I absolutely love about it. I’d hate to leave it behind, but it can be tough to be on, lately. Recently, I needed a break, so I stayed off Twitter for most of December. When I came back over the holidays, I was happy to be back, but many of the things that caused me to leave remained. I started breaking it down a bit, taking a look at what was causing me to have such a bad time, evaluating what I can do to improve my experience, and analyzing my options if I can’t bring Twitter in line with the experience I want to have online. Here’s that breakdown, in extremely long form.

Holiday Cooking - Pot Roast

I’m not really a big holiday person in general, as I find many of the traditions associated with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years downright stressful. But when it comes to big meals, Crystin and I get to work. In addition to being a time to pull out all the stops, we’ve gotten pretty good at spreading out the prep for our holiday meals. I wanted to share the the dishes we made and how we managed to get them done without being too stressful.

Resolutions for 2018

I’m usually not a big New Year’s Resolutions guy, but I’ve got a few this year. One of them is committing to maintaining a blog, and so it seemed like a good idea to make my 2018 resolutions the first post on that blog.